Nancy Micklatcher

10829 North 43rd Street

Augusta, MI 49012

(269) 731-4068





About the Instructor:


I graduated from Plymouth State College in New Hampshire with a degree in Elementary Education and a minor in music. For 15 years I taught in elementary classrooms throughout New England. I received my Master’s degree in Literacy Education from the University of Southern Maine in 1994. After the birth of our second child, my husband and I moved to Michigan where I became a fulltime stay-at-home mom. Both of our sons are homeschool graduates. Over the years I have taught writing to hundreds of students.


About the Course:


This is the second level of Writing Workshop. Students begin where they left off in Writing Workshop 1 and build on the concepts they learned. For this reason, I strongly recommended students take Writing Workshop 1 before taking this class. In this class students will acquire additional tools to further enhance their writing and increase their independence. Students will learn more challenging modes of writing and advanced style techniques, broaden their vocabulary, and expand their knowledge of grammar. This class is the perfect stepping stone to a high school writing class and can easily be taken in conjunction with a grammar class.




There will be no textbook for this course. Students will need access to a computer, printer, and email. Handouts will be provided.


Tuition: $350 for the year


  • $175 on the first day of class in September

  • $175 on the first day of class in January