Volunteers at KAT are an essential component of our co-op's success. When the responsibilities are spread out it allows each entity to reach it's potential. Here are the benefits to volunteering:

  • The knowledge that you are showing God's love to families.

  • Monitoring responsibilities are waived - YES!

  • Family registration fee is waived for Board and PAC members (you also sign-up early for classes in the Fall).

  • The happiness that comes with knowing your helping KAT to thrive!

The KAT Board

The Board of Directors at KAT is the overseeing governing team of volunteers. They help implement policy.


The Parent Advisory Committee keeps KAT running smoothly each week and is a support to families.


Openers and closers aid the Building Supervisor on a rotation basis in lieu of full monitoring days.


The SCRIP Volunteers will help facilitate providing this service to families weekly on  a rotation basis.

Information Coming Soon!