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What is TRIP

Tuition Reduction Incentive Program

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What is Scrip

The program we use to save!​​

Dollar Bill in Jar

Buy gift cards, receive a rebate, pay tuition​​

Credit Card
When to Start?

Any time - and friends & family too! 

How to Sign Up!

How do I order and pay?

You can order online or using your phone. To use your phone, go to (be sure to save the website to your home screen!), sign in using your shopwithscrip account, and purchase gift cards. You can pay with cash, check, online through Presto Pay, or credit card (there is a percentage fee for this service). When you enroll with, there will be instructions on how to enroll in Presto Pay as well.

What types of gift cards can I purchase?

You can use e-cards, which are sent directly to your myscripwallet in a few short minutes to be used right away. You can also order physical gift cards, which will be available to pick up at KAT the following Monday.

(Orders must be placed by 4pm on Monday in order to be picked up the following Monday).

When do I receive payment?

Checks will be available two times throughout the year before each semester begins. Your first refund check will be available in January prior to second semester.  

How do I find out more information?

Stop by the KAT table and ask for information or e-mail

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