KAT Family Calendar

Keep everything straight by clicking the link below for the KAT Family Calendar!   


KAT Parent Handbook

The KAT Parent Handbook is an essential component for each KAT family. Please read through and share with your students.  If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the PAC at Each family is expected to read and know what is in the handbook. Thank you for working with us! 


KAT Partnership Policy

To maintain the Christian nature of our co-op, KAT does not accept partnership funds. Being able to pray and share our faith in our classes is vital. Please click for a detailed explanation of our policy.  

Kids with Capes

Dress Code

Our intention for the KAT dress code is to reasonably apply biblical principles of modesty to establish standards for the co-op that we believe will help forward our mission and to provide an effective educational environment for all the members of our diverse Christian community. Please click below to read in full.  

Teenage Students Raising Hands

Volunteer Opportunities!

KAT is facilitated by our parent volunteers.  Please consider serving the KAT community via the Parent Advisory Committee or the Board of Directors or in other capacities as well. Applications and further details are only a click away....and you don't have to monitor!