The World’s Story- Year 1: The Ancients

Grades 6-8

                                        Diane Bowman-     269-720-7000


Course Description:

In this class students will study creation to the Roman Empire following a story-based approach to see God’s hand and redeeming love at work from the very beginning.  They will meet, biblical patriarchs, prophets, and kings as well as other historical figures like Hammurabi, Alexander the Great, and Julius Caesar.  They will also study ancient civilizations spanning the whole globe.  This curriculum has a student book and a teacher’s guide with activity pages that include questions, writing, narration, timelines, and other hand’s on projects.


This class will be taught on a three- year loop.

Year 1- The Ancients

Year 2- The Middle Ages

Year 3- The Modern Age


Homework and Class Expectations: 

Students will be assigned weekly reading assignments plus writing and a variety of other activities or projects.    There will also be review sheets after every 7 chapters to access student comprehension.   These will not be graded by me but more for your own homeschool record keeping.


Course Materials Needed: 

The World’s Story 1 The Ancients Set, [student and teacher guide], 1- 3 ring binder for homework papers.


About the Tutor: 

Diane is a believer in the Lord Jesus and has been married to Brian for 35 years and has homeschooled her children for 32 years and continues to with her youngest children.  She enjoys learning about history and loves to make it come alive and enjoyable for children.  She hopes students will learn to see the hand of God in History and how we can learn from what He has done in the past.



Cost is $350 for the year.  Half paid on the first day of each semester and covers tuition and room rental.  Cost for The World’s Story set from Masterbooks is $51.78