The “Gotta Know EVERYTHING about Grammar” English Class

at KAT

A course focusing on English grammar, rules, and writing


Tutor: Kristen Scranton – – 269.459.9111

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For whom?

           This class is geared toward students 8th – 12th grade who need to learn (or re-learn) the basics of grammar, go beyond the basics and learn more advanced concepts, and learn vocabulary along the way!


What is it?

           Grammar is often a subject that is avoided by home school and public/private schoolteachers because rules are often forgotten.  However, this is not a good reason for children to not know English grammar and how to apply it appropriately in their writing.               

           This is a solid class about the rules of English grammar, and maybe more importantly, how to use the rules in one’s own writing.  Use of an activity called a “time drill” (an activity that has successfully been used at Mattawan Middle School) will help students to learn nearly every part of speech, to understand and apply correct punctuation, and to practice the correct use of many concepts such as verb tense, subject/predicate agreement, and pronoun antecedents.  The goal of this class is to empower students with the tools and knowledge that will make them grammatically sound writers and communicators.

           Teaching vocabulary can be a daunting task: so many words, so little time!  Yet, it is important that students have a vast knowledge of our language.  Therefore, Kristen will teach students many of the 100 most common words for SAT/ACT test preparation through a variety of activities, class conversations, skits and games.  Students won’t just memorize words and their meanings; instead, students will learn the words, understand them, and use them in their conversations and writing. 


How will this help my youngster?

            Since Kristen has taught in the public school system and maintains close relationships with many current public and private school teachers, she knows the current standards, curriculum, and material that students of this age need to know and understand to successfully move onto the high school grades and then to college.  Since she has taught this class at KAT since 2006, she has seen first-hand the areas where she needs to focus her teaching for this home school co-op.

            Grammar is a crucial component to becoming a solid and successful writer.  Because writing is large part of high school English programs, college entrance exams and applications, and most college curriculums, it is important for students to have a strong grasp of English grammar, including parts of speech, punctuation, and essay structure.  This course is designed to teach students all aspects of English grammar.

How much is this going to cost me?

            $380 per student for the entire year.  Half ($190) is due at the week before classes begin in September.  The other half is due at the beginning of the second semester in January.



            This class is a one year program, following the KAT’s schedule.



            Students will need a notebook or three-ringed binder to keep notes in as well as paper and writing utensils.  Home computers are appropriate, but not required, for out of class work. 



            Students must be registered prior to the start of class in the fall.


Absence/Cancellation Policy

            If a student misses class, it is his/her responsibility to see Kristen for make-up work and class material.  A very effective and easy way to stay caught up before a planned absence or after an unplanned absence is to email Kristen ( so that the student can get notes, handouts, and assignments.  If class is cancelled due to weather or illness on Kristen’s part, material will be made up within the next few classes.


Drop Policy

            If a student needs to drop class, tuition will be refunded on a pro-rated basis for the number of classes we have left, less a small amount for the church building fee.   

Does this tutor know her stuff?

            Most recently, Kristen Scranton taught this grammar course, an advanced writing course, and an essay writing course at KAT during the school years between 2006 and 2019.  Prior to that, she worked as an eighth grade language arts teacher at Mattawan Middle School for three years before having her son and choosing to stay home.  She earned her Bachelor’s of Science degree with a major in Elementary Education and minors in English, Math, and Science from Western Michigan University in 2002.  She earned her Masters degree in the Art of Teaching from Marygrove College in 2005.  She has served on various English/Language Arts committees at Mattawan Schools that integrated curriculums between grades six through twelve.  She has worked with over 1,000 public school and homeschooled students who have had a variety of needs, from special education, dyslexic, emotionally impaired, and autistic students to those honor students who needed challenging to keep them interested.

            Kristen is a Christian woman, wife and mother.  She is a member of Calvary Bible Church and has worshipped there for over 20 years.  Even in the public school setting, she wasn’t silent about sharing her faith and encouraging others to do so, too.  She continues to be very involved at her church where she has served as a wedding coordinator, Sunday school teacher, plays on the co-ed volleyball team, and currently helps in the high school ministry. 

            Kristen has a passion for kids, teaching and the Lord.  She has coached various athletic teams over the years, led groups at Vacation Bible School, and even co-taught kindergarten Sunday school with her husband.  Although staying home with her four children is the greatest job to have, she missed being in a classroom and sparking students’ minds.  Therefore, she counts KAT as a blessing and honor of which to be a part.


Please contact Kristen anytime with questions about classes and guidance on English classes!

Kristen Scranton

Email: or Phone: 269.459.9111