Americas Story- year 2

Grades 3-6

Diane Bowman-  269-720-7000


Course Description:    

In this class students will learn about the Civil War to the Industrial Revolution.   They will study the Wild West, homesteaders, the Indian Wars, American Victorian culture, Ellis Island and more.   This curriculum has a student book and a teacher’s guide with activity pages that include map work, writing and drawing, a timeline, hands on projects, music and more.    


This class will be taught on a three- year loop

Year 1- Ancient Americas to the Gold Rush

Year 2- Civil War to the Industrial Revolution

Year 3- Early 1900s to Modern Times


Team Teaching: 

Diane and Katie both share an interest in history and value the interest of teaching it ultimately as HIS-story.  As we read about history we can learn about mankind and how God worked in and through each time period to accomplish His good and perfect plan.  Diane will be teaching 3rd and 4th grade while Katie teaches 5th and 6th grade and then will come together about once a month to have fun playing review games and sharing hands-on projects.


Course Material Needed: 

Americas Story 2 Set [student and teacher guide], 1- 3 ring binder for homework paper.


About the Tutors: 

Diane is a believer in the Lord Jesus Christ and has been married to Brian for 36 years and homeschooled her children for 32 years and continues to with her youngest children.   She enjoys learning about history and loves to make it come alive and enjoyable for children.  Katie is a believer in the Lord Jesus and serves Him through His strength.  She holds a Bachelor of Music Education from Aquinas College, grades K-12 supervision.  She has been married to Don for 26 years and homeschool her own children as well.



$350 for the year- Half paid on the first day of each semester which covers tuition and room rental.  The cost for America’s Story set from Masterbooks is $51.78