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Biology Class


This is a beginner sewing class that will start at the very beginning with how to operate your sewing machine, including threading the machine, tension, and common stitches. Over the course of the school year you will make many projects that will advance your skills. We will start with small projects that will increase your knowledge and build your confidence. We will then end the year with making several wearable garments. Skills learned will include but are not limited to: sewing machine operation, reading patterns, proper cutting techniques, utilizing different stitches, working with different material, accurate measuring and marking, how to hold a seam allowance, and so much more. This course will take you from novice to making your own tailored clothes.

Biology Class

Advanced Biology

This is an honors course that covers both the anatomy and physiology of each of the human body’s organ systems for those students
who have successfully completed high school biology.

Biology Class


This is a one year science course using Exploring Creation with Biology 2nd Edition. This a rigorous high school course including lecture, experiments, and daily homework assignments.

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