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Biology Class

Writing Essays the Right Way

This course is geared toward 9th-12th grade students who need solid instruction on how to write a variety of essays and learn the entire writing process, brainstorm, find research, take notes in an organized fashion, write an outline, edit, and complete a final draft.

Biology Class

Advanced Essay Writing

Designed to help students become more advanced writers while preparing them for college writing, as well as doing some prep work for the writing portions of the ACT, the AP exam, the CLEP test, and the Accuplacer exam at KVCC. A class that will not disappoint!

Biology Class

Gotta Know Grammar

Solid class about the rules of English grammar and how to use the rules in writing. Designed for 8th – 12th grade students who need to learn (or re-learn) the basics of grammar, go beyond the basics and learn more advanced concepts, and learn vocabulary along the way!

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